The best solutions to stop dogs from barking

How To Stop Dog Barking

Stop Dog Barking? Here’s How

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To stop your dog barking there are several effective methods which can help. Here you will learn these and the other options to take if trying to train your dog.

Stop a Dog from Barking - Simple and Easy Tactics

How to Train Your Dog to Bark

You need to adopt the repetition and reward tactic. You need to choose a specific word which you will be using through out the training in order to denote the action of barking. One such example is "Talk".

Your dog should be able to associate the verbal command with a bark. For this you need to raise a treat and say the chosen word.

revenge barking dogs neighborAfter a while, your dog will bark so that you will release the treat you’ve been holding. Affirm with a "Good Dog" and provide him willingly with the reward.

Doing this on a daily basis for not less than 5 minutes will allow your dog to realize what it means when you command "Talk".

Eventually, you need to carry out the command without having to resort to giving treats. Substitute the treat with praises and petting instead.

Without having to use a treat all the time, you are actually training your dog in a more efficient and rapid manner. This technique in training is called intermittent reinforcement. The success of this technique relies in the fact that your dog will continually follow your command, expecting a treat each time.

This type of reinforcement has also been successful with humans, in the same way that casino slot machines keep people on their toes. Another illustration would be when golfers are bound to keep coming back because a successful shot motivates them.

Successful intermittent reinforcement is illustrated best however if you give food to an expectant animal at the table. Your pet won’t stop their pleading although you no longer give them any food, because they are aware how it has worked successfully in the past.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

help with barking dogsThis time, you would want your dog to stop his incessant barking. Just as what you did with the previous training, you need to choose a particular word, for example "Quiet". Again, it is essential to use the same word at all times.

Although the process is just the same as the "Talk" training, you need to add a few strategies.

You have to begin by commanding the dog to bark by saying "Talk". Then show him a treat, and say "Quiet".

You have to patiently wait for him to stop barking before you can give him the treat, while saying, "Good dog".

The length of time for this training is no less than 5 minutes, day after day. Wait until the dog has fully been trained to follow your commands.

Eventually, get rid of the treats, substituting them with petting and verbal praises.

Some Tips When Training

If the dog starts barking at unexpected times, command the "Quiet" and "Good Dog" words like you’ve done with the training. It is important to be consistent with this training tool.

Right the dog during each and every bark

If your dog continually barks at people when they enter the house, utilize the Quiet command. Using treats and other rewards will help you achieve the desired results. This tactic is useful in keeping your dog quiet even while traveling or out in public places. However, you should give treats infrequently and only when necessary.

barking dogs ownersThese tips can help but normally dog owners at some point need to consider a personal trainer, this maybe an effective option for you. A professional trainer will be ideal for dog training. However, checking out the actual services, fees, and background of these dog trainers is extremely important. The only downside is that personal trainers are very expensive.

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By Andrew Braithwaite
Published: 12/13/2008 

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